Wowza Streaming Engine® Pro Edition, formerly the Wowza Media Server, is the industry leading unified streaming media software for delivering live or on-demand media to any screen. Wowza® software delivers superior features, benefits, and functionality for all your streaming needs. Whether deployed in the cloud or on-premises, leverage the powerful components of Wowza Streaming Engine and tailor your streaming workflows with security and confidence.

Simply Powerful Streaming™ Wowza Streaming Engine has many benefits including:

  • Reach any device with the highest quality live and on-demand streaming audio and video
  • Scale across operating systems and architectures, from a single computer to load-balanced server networks and clouds.
  • Trust your streaming to work, whether running a start-up website or a mission critical application
  • Multiple levels of content security

Authorized Reseller

RealEyes can help you design and implement a Wowza Streaming Engine solution. Beyond product sales, our team also specialize in server installation, configuration and optimization.


Wowza Streaming Engine includes many features that are designed to help reach larger audiences, create engaging viewer experiences, and develop unique video messaging applications and services. Some of Wowza’s features include:

  • Any Media to Any Device Anywhere – Simplified
  • Capture live video and encode on mobile iOS devices with Wowza GoCoder
  • Transcode live content on-the-fly
  • Engaging Viewer Experiences
  • Subtitling, multi-language streaming, and support for closed captioning
  • Time-Shifted Live Playback
  • Live Adaptive Bitrate Streaming
  • Multiple Levels of Content Security
  • AES-128
  • Studio-approved DRM
  • Link protection
  • StreamLock™ SSL certification for RTMPS and HTTP streams
  • Authenticated Connections

Additional Functionality

Now the Wowza Streaming Engine Pro Edition come with the following Premimum AddOns.

  • Wowza Transcoder AddOn – Transform incoming live streams into multiple stream sets for H.264 adaptive bit-rate delivery. Now with unlimited streams!
  • Wowza nDVR AddOn – Enables the ability to time-shift content and use features such as pause, play and rewind on a live broadcast
  • Wowza DRM AddOn – Integrates with multiple DRM key management systems, enabling on-the-fly DRM encryption for a variety of playback devices

If you are using Wowza Streaming Engine 4 and want an upgade to the Pro Edition, that is available, too. For just the cost of what one of these AddOns previously cost, you can have all three.

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