Media Orchestration Engine (MOE)

What exactly is MOE?

Media Orchestration Engine, or MOE by RealEyes Media, is an advanced media management and workflow processing orchestration platform for your live and VOD media assets. Agnostic and extensible with a feature set based on real world use cases, MOE is built and maintained by a team experienced in advanced video management solutions engineering. It takes a holistic approach to workflow management from ingest to playback.

MOE artificial intelligence (AI) integrations can be used to automatically generate and enhance video asset metadata to increase asset discoverability/searchability in an ever-growing DAM content library. MOE can also be utilized as an  intelligent static packager with QA/QC checks and multi CDN delivery integrated with an existing DAM.

Why do we need MOE?

The truth is, most systems for media processing do some things very well, but lack the ability to solve complex solutions as a whole. If you are lucky, existing systems will get you 60-80% of the way there, but to truly solve the problems at hand you need to devote a lot of effort in attaining the remaining elements. MOE can bridge the gap for your organization quickly and effectively or, in many cases, provide the full solution. The extensible and open nature of MOE allows our customers to design the solution they need by leveraging third party service APIs and existing customer infrastructure. MOE enhances existing systems to allow customers to continue to leverage cost savings and ROI on their systems without having to start from scratch.  

By assisting in automating and centralizing any media processing workflow, MOE ensures consistency, accuracy, and precision for any and all critical action items and video needs. It  is a centralized media workflow automation orchestrator that can handle processing, analysis, preparation, quality control and delivery for content across environments.

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Where is MOE?

MOE is wherever your business requires it to be and can be deployed either on your own hardware or in the cloud. Whether you’re on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, or On-Premise, MOE has a continually growing library of adaptors that can interop with any cloud agnostically.

When would we use MOE?

MOE can be leveraged at any time to automate a number of media processes and workflows. It is designed to interact with your systems and work on your team’s timelines, and is built with integration and extensibility in mind. We continue to grow our integrations to always stay fresh and relevant in the ever-changing video streaming landscape.

Technical Overview

At its core, MOE is an advanced queue management system architected to be highly extensible with a module-based architecture to link tasks with actions, and enable local processing or remote API integrations. This module-based architecture enables rapid development to integrate new functionality or services, while the overall execution management systems enables easy configuration and management.

MOE is based off of generic modules, which explain what is happening in the application, and then connects to configured adapters. Adapters are what connect to the outside world. For instance, you can easily switch between S3, Azure, Akamai, etc. for bucket storage. Also, you can switch between ffmpeg, shaka, bento, and other encoders for encoding. In addition, you can leverage adaptors to combine or switch between AI vendors APIs provided by Google, AWS, or Azure to enhanced AI metadata and automated transcription/translation. All of these adaptors use the same reusable modules, which allows for minimal development time when adding new features to your MOE pipelines.

Feature Breakdown

The following are the supported features of MOE either from its core or available Modules & Adapters. Creating new Modules or Adapters to support additional functionality not listed is a common task to achieve a full solution.

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