Adobe Media Server

With three versions of the Adobe Media Server, there is one to fit your project budget and streaming media objectives. All editions of Adobe Media Server enable protected, scalable delivery of live and on-demand media streaming, along with real-time multiway communication. An overview of each product version is below, and our team can help you compare editions easily. Also, RealEyes can connect you with hosted Adobe Media Server providers to get you started on your streaming and real-time media projects without investing in server software.

Adobe Media Server

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RealEyes can help you plan your Adobe Media Server, purchase, integration, and training solutions. Our team works with individual servers as well as designs systems of multiple servers for our enterprise clients. Let us know how we can help you get started with the Adobe Media Server Product Family.

Adobe Media Server 5 Standard

Protected, high-quality live and on-demand video streaming for:

  • Individuals or companies that have basic, low-capacity streaming requirements
  • Bloggers who want to broadcast live or on-demand streams
  • Videographers who need to allow clients to securely view their videos on the web
  • Small to midsize companies that want to implement training or broadcast company-wide video messages
  • Website owners who want to embed and protect high-quality streaming video

Adobe Media Server 5 Professional

Powerful and scalable multi-protocol media streaming for:

  • Medium to large businesses that can benefit from flexible delivery methods (protocols) and complex deployment requirements (Edge/Origin/C++/SSAS/ACL/ LDAP)
  • Social networks requiring real-time communication such as video chat, VoIP, multiplayer games, or text chat
  • Educational institutions that want to create virtual classrooms or broadcast live interactive experiences
  • Government agencies that want to implement real-time communication or interactive training
  • Anyone seeking scalable, secure streaming with custom server-side application logic

Adobe Media Server 5 Extended

Advanced interactive media delivery platform for:

  • Large enterprises with media requirements over multiple locations and networks
  • Companies that deploy massive social media applications
  • Medium to large companies that need to maximize delivery capacity while minimizing network costs
  • Companies that produce customer-facing marketing (such as press conferences or product demos)
  • Enterprises that want complete control over their media delivery

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