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Adobe Immerse ’18

We were thrilled to speak at the Adobe Immerse ’18 global virtual conference this year on June 12-15.

Jun Heider is Director of Technology at RealEyes Media, an Adobe partner company that focuses on full stack, cross-platform video delivery and applications. RealEyes client list include Oracle, EA Games, and NBCS. Jun is an expert in streaming media servers and caching technologies and loves to speak at conferences such as NAB, Adobe MAX, and Streaming Media East/West.

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Streaming Media East

RealEyes Media‘s own Jun Heider and Phil Moss spoke at Streaming Media East 2018 on May 8-9 in New York. In one session, they discussed media management in the age of Netflix and in another, compared and contrasted Microsoft Azure Video Indexer, IBM’s Watson Media, AWS Rekognition, and Google Cloud Video Intelligence. Check out the presentation.

NABSHOW Summit Recap

RealEyes joined an NABSHOW Summit recap discussion at the Denver Video Technology Meetup downtown on April 19 at 6:00 PM MT.

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April 11, 2018, Las Vegas

With the boom in machine learning and artificial intelligence, a number of cloud providers have launched video-centric services to gain a number of AI/ML based insights and auto-generated sidecar information on your video assets. The session, led by RealEyes Media‘s Jun Heider, compared and contrasted Azure’s Video Indexer, IBM’s Watson Media, AWS Rekognition, and Google Cloud Video Intelligence, providing an unbiased look into which service will be the best for your needs, whether it’s Speech to Text, Object Recognition, Scene Detection, or even Speech Sentiment.

Streaming Media West 2017

November 1-3, Huntington Beach, CA

HOW TO: Building a More Robust Cloud Encoder With FFMPEG & More

David Hassoun and June Heider from RealEyes, discussed FFmpeg encoding basics, and how to take your encoding arguments to the cloud. Operations include WebVTT and AAC sidecar manifests, DASH assets, metadata, video quality, and stream muxing/demuxing.

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