18 Nov 2014

Varnish Software releases three new products to increase website scalability and performance

Released today (Nov 18, 2014) are three new products to add to the Varnish Plus application; Unlimited cache sizing, increased caching performance and customized cache optimization support content-heavy, high-traffic sites.

“For most consumers, websites are now the pivotal point of interaction with companies. If information and content isn’t delivered instantly, they will seek alternatives that are just a mouse-click away,” – Per Buer, Founder and CTO, Varnish Software.

Product details:

Unlimited cache sizing with Varnish Massive Storage Engine
The new Varnish Massive Storage Engine tackles the problems of content-heavy sites by allowing the Varnish caching layer to handle multi-terabyte data sets. This makes it possible to cache almost unlimited objects while the website performance remains stable over time. The Varnish Massive Storage Engine is targeted at business with large data sets such as online retailers, image banks, video distributors or Content Distribution Networks and enables them to deliver high quality content within their current infrastructure while pushing the bounds of modern web experience delivery.

Increased caching performance and resilience with Varnish High Availability
Varnish High Availability is a high performance content replicator that eliminates cache misses (when an item looked up in the cache is not found) and ensures the stability of the Varnish Cache set-up. By protecting the backend infrastructure from overload caused by cache misses, it increases website performance and minimizes the risk of frustrated visitors leaving websites. Varnish High Availability is for Varnish Cache users whose sites are business-critical. It can be installed with any multi-cache Varnish Cache setup, including two/three node CDN POP installations.

Customized cache optimization with Varnish Tuner
Varnish Tuner automates customized cache optimization in both the Varnish and operating system environments. It recommends configuration options for the Varnish Cache set-up including how the operating system should be tuned, which cache parameters should be changed or replaced and also explains these recommendations. Varnish Tuner makes it possible for businesses to find the specific set-ups that best matches their resources and needs, resulting in better website performance.

Varnish Massive Storage Engine, Varnish High Availability and Varnish Tuner are all available from today with a Varnish Plus subscription

Contact us today for all your Varnish purchasing/training/configuration needs!

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17 Nov 2014

Nesting SVG Charts From a Single Data Source with the Magic of D3JS Selections

Recently I was challenged with creating a series of nested pie-charts from a single set of data as a Proof of Concept for a client. A colleague suggested using the D3 javascript library and it has proven itself extremely useful for its ability to transform data into visual SVG elements with a minimum of coding. The real magic is in D3’s ‘selectAll’ method – as we will see!

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01 Oct 2014
10 Sep 2014

Sublime Text – Search Strings and Filtering

Sublime Text offers many, many options for navigating within your project’s code or searching within either a single file, or the entire codebase of the project. The “Find” Menu offers over a dozen different options for Find and Replace, and depending on which you choose, there are 3 separate “Find” Dialog Panels available.

In this post, I’m going to show a few quick, introductory tips for using the “Find in Files…” Panel. Searching from this Panel will allow you to search across all files in your project, or (as we’ll cover in the second section) select a sub-set of files for a quicker search with more relevant results.

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16 Jul 2014

CSS Filters – Current Implementation and usage

Given the wide variance in implementation and guaranteed support, CSS filters (and their cousins) are still a ways from being advisable for any key functionality of a site. That being said, caniuse.com currently lists browser support at almost 65% (includes partial support). With this in mind, CSS filters create some very interesting possibilities for Progressive Enhancement of carefully considered elements.

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24 Apr 2012
24 Apr 2012

HTML5 Boilerplate: Making Web Development Easier

Today’s sites are infinitely more complex and I wonder how many pages could be filled writing a book that covers all aspects of modern web design and development – probably a few more than 350. In fact, we would need to add several new chapters – UX, SEO, HTML5, CSS3, frameworks, jQuery, CMS’s, browser compatibility and resets, grid systems, mobile/iPad/responsive design, and on and on!

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