11 Mar 2015

Setting the Record Straight on Adobe Connect Licensing Again

As of March 9th, 2015, the licensing model has changed for Adobe Connect. Read this summary of the licensing terms that have been added, revised, and removed. If you are a current Adobe Connect customer, you will be given a grace period to change any existing licensing over to the new licensing terms. New customers will need to adhere to the licensing terms on purchase.

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05 Feb 2015
23 May 2014
21 Apr 2014
10 Mar 2014

Building the Better Captivate workflow; Part 2: Press Record, and Let’s Dance!

Who thought choosing to record a software simulation would be so complicated? It’s easier than it used to be, for those of you who remember the good ‘ol days of Captivate, but there are still many options and choosing them effectively can be the difference between a seamless capture and hours of frustration. Let’s go over choosing the settings that are right for you.

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24 Feb 2014
10 Feb 2014

The RealEyes Connect Approach to Training

Aside from being an Adobe Solution Partner, RealEyes Connect is also an Adobe Authorized Training Center. That being said, we take all facets of very seriously. The purpose of this post is to familiarize the readers with our approach to training versus traditional training methods and other training providers.

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05 Feb 2014
31 Oct 2013

Wowza! Training!

RealEyes is now offering Wowza Media Server training! Our training courses are broken down into half-day and whole-day online sessions with custom course options also available. RealEyes puts our knowledge and expertise gained from (10+) years experience installing, deploying, customizing and supporting media servers into the training courses we offer.

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04 Apr 2012

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