05 Feb 2015
30 Jan 2015

Why we love Wowza

Wowza has been growing up as a product well placed to take over the streaming media world. As a result of their attention to focusing on ease of use and an ability to reach every screen they have created the new industry leader in streaming media technology. Because of this we have come to see the Wowza Streaming Engine (WSE) as the most future proof option you can purchase.

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29 Aug 2014
17 Feb 2014
05 Feb 2014

What Type of Training is Right for You?

Traditionally, software training comes in three basic flavors: live with an instructor, online with a live instructor or on demand when you need it. Each has its benefits, drawbacks and variations. I’ll stick to the KISS method and cover the big points.

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31 Oct 2013

Wowza! Training!

RealEyes is now offering Wowza Media Server training! Our training courses are broken down into half-day and whole-day online sessions with custom course options also available. RealEyes puts our knowledge and expertise gained from (10+) years experience installing, deploying, customizing and supporting media servers into the training courses we offer.

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17 Oct 2013

What should a Web Conferencing Tool Be?

Over the last seven years, I have become very familiar with what various web conferencing solutions offer. Each has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Since we can’t get all the manufacturers to come together to build a single super web conferencing tool — we’ll just have to stick with the tool that best fits our needs.

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18 Sep 2013
12 Feb 2013
04 Jun 2012

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