11 Mar 2015

Setting the Record Straight on Adobe Connect Licensing Again

As of March 9th, 2015, the licensing model has changed for Adobe Connect. Read this summary of the licensing terms that have been added, revised, and removed. If you are a current Adobe Connect customer, you will be given a grace period to change any existing licensing over to the new licensing terms. New customers will need to adhere to the licensing terms on purchase.

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21 Jun 2010
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23 Feb 2009
12 Jan 2009

Dynamic Streaming with FMS 3.5

The process of dynamic streaming has been updated, and greatly enhanced, in Flash Media Server (FMS) 3.5. RealEyes Media’s David Hassoun has created a three-part tutorial series for implementing this powerful streaming technology so that you can deliver the best quality video experiences possible using Adobe’s Flash Player.

Part 1: Overview of the new capabilities

Part 2: ActionScript 3.0 dynamic stream API

Part 3: Integrating dynamic streaming with existing video players

About Dynamic Streaming
Dynamic streaming is the process of efficiently delivering streaming video to users by dynamically switching among different streams of varying quality and size during playback. This provides users with the best possible viewing experience their bandwidth and local computer hardware (CPU) can support. Another major goal of dynamic streaming is to make this process smooth and seamless to users, so that if up-scaling or down-scaling the quality of the stream is necessary, it is a smooth and nearly unnoticeable switch without disrupting the continuous playback.

David’s article series provides an overview of the enhanced capabilities and concepts of dynamic streaming with Adobe Flash Player 10 and Adobe AIR 1.5 with the new Adobe Flash Media Server 3.5 (using either Flash Media Streaming Server 3.5 or Flash Media Interactive Server 3.5). Although dynamic streaming was somewhat possible in previous versions of Flash Player and Flash Media Server, the process was very complicated to implement from a developer’s perspective and the end result was not a smooth user experience.

Want to implement dynamic streaming using FMS 3.0? Check out David’s original dynamic stream switching article.

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01 May 2008

Jun Heider on Inside RIA

Our own Jun Heider has started a series on InsideRIA. InsideRIA is a site that was recently launched by O’Reilly and Adobe to focus on the RIA community as a whole. The series is called “Flex RIA Performance Considerations” and the plan for the series is to come out with a new post each month for 12 months.

The first post was published on March 17th. It was an overview on the series as a whole and an offering of resource links and background information. In addition, a list was provided detailing the direction of future posts in the series.

This week’s post details “Application Startup” considerations in Flex performance. Here is a direct URL to where Jun’s series will live: http://www.insideria.com/jun_heider.

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22 Apr 2008

Book: Professional Flex 3

David Hassoun and Jun Heider were tapped by Wrox to contribute to the upcoming book Professional Flex 3. Also on the author team for this book are Andrew Trice, Peter Ent, Joe Berkovitz, Tom Suggden, Todd Prekaski, and Joseph Balderson. Look for publication this fall.

This book aims to be the definitive Flex 3 reference and, with this gang of writers, it should be fairly massive and chock-full-of code samples and experienced Flex perspectives on topics including:

  • Cairngorm
  • LCDS & Blaze DS
  • Flex Video
  • Advanced Flash Integration
  • VM1/VM2 Communication
  • Application Optimization
  • PHP/Java/.Net Integration
  • Automation Framework
  • FlexUnit
  • Logging Framework
  • Stress Testing Framework

Watch David’s and Jun’s blogs for more information about the book as it evolves. You can also pre-order it on Amazon.com; however, the book information has not yet been updated to reflect the current content. Read More News

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17 Sep 2007

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