11 Mar 2015

Setting the Record Straight on Adobe Connect Licensing Again

As of March 9th, 2015, the licensing model has changed for Adobe Connect. Read this summary of the licensing terms that have been added, revised, and removed. If you are a current Adobe Connect customer, you will be given a grace period to change any existing licensing over to the new licensing terms. New customers will need to adhere to the licensing terms on purchase.

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22 Sep 2014

Bridging the Closed Captioning Gap in Adobe Presenter 10

With the current release of Adobe Presenter 10, Adobe has once again taken big strides with video and Adobe Presenter to continue to make an impact in the eLearning space and expand reach more audiences. One of the new features in that has been improved is the capability to embed Closed Captions, but also export them as a SubRip Text file, or .srt file.

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17 Feb 2014
17 Apr 2012
04 Apr 2012
23 Aug 2011

Introduction to the Flash Platform P2P API with Jun Heider

Jun Heider gave a really nice presentation this morning on how to leverage the Adobe Flash platform P2P API to create applications for sharing video, audio, and data among application peers. In his talk, Jun demonstrates P2P technologies working across multiple devices and taking advantage of the flexible RTMFP protocol, an Adobe technology that allows for maximum scalability coupled with a dramatic reduction in server infrastructure and bandwidth costs.

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19 Jul 2011

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