18 Sep 2013
28 Jul 2011

HTTP Dynamic Streaming – Part 2: Late-Binding Audio Using OSMF

Part 1 of this series discussed HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS) at a fairly high level. The next few editions in the series will explore some of the more powerful features that make using this protocol advantageous. Multi-bitrate stream switching and file encryption are two important features that we’ll cover in the very near future, as they’re very big reasons to stream over any protocol. However, in this article I’d like to discuss a brand new feature of the Open Source Media Framework (OSMF) known as “late-binding audio”.

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27 Jul 2011

HTTP Dinamic Streaming – Deo 1: Uvod u striming medije (Yugoslavia)

Kao tehnologija koje se odnosi na proizvodnju i isporuku digitalnih pokreta medija nastavlja da napreduje, tako da su zahtevi potrošača za sve raznovrsniji i bogatiji mediji iskustveniji.. Video visoke definicije se sada isporučuje na više korisnika, na razlicitim vrstama uređaja, i kroz više kompleksnih mreža nego ikada pre. Za provajdere sadržaja, to naravno znači više raspoloživih mogućnosti za medijsku distribuciju i monetizaciju.

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27 Jul 2011

HTTP Dynamic Streaming – Part 1: An Introduction to Streaming Media

As technologies related to the production and delivery of digital motion media continue to advance, so do consumer demands for an increasingly varied and rich media viewing experience. High-definition video is now being delivered to more users, on a wider variety of devices, and through more complex networks than ever before. For content providers, this of course means more available avenues for media distribution and monetization.

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09 Sep 2010

Flash Media Server 4 Released

Adobe announced today that Flash Media Server 4 is now available for trial/purchase.  In its most basic form, Flash Media Server 4 (FMS 4), is an advanced media delivery solution for those looking to leverage the advantages of dynamically streamed video over progressive download.  However, the FMS 4 family is capable of much more than that.  Aside from the free Flash Media Development Server, which is used to develop new applications for Flash Media Interactive Server, as well as run very low-volume streaming applications, FMS 4 comes in Three flavors:

  • Flash Media Streaming Server
  • Flash Media Interactive Server
  • Flash Media Enterprise Server

All three versions offer new features from what were available in FMS 3.5, such as:

Full 64-bit support – Server resources improved by being supported on 64-bit processors. Able to be installed on a wider range of platforms. Now supports CENTOS 5.3, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3, and Windows Server 2008.

Enhanced buffer performance – You can now take advantage of Flash Player 10.1’s ability to interactively access media held in the buffer, which allows for actions such as fast motion, slow motion, etc.

Live HTTP Dynamic Streaming – In addition to streaming content via RTMP/RTMPE, FMS 4 can now take advantage of the industry-standard HTTP protocol, and still enjoy the quality-of-service features provided by dynamic streaming. FMS 4 also allows for the addition of DRM protection with Flash Access 2.

Faster Switching with RTMP Dynamic Streaming – FMS 4 provides improved adaptive bitrate delivery, giving your end users seamless video playback regardless of their bandwith stability.

The Three Flavors of FMS 4

Flash Media Streaming Server 4

  • Designed as an affordable step up from progressive download video delivery.
  • Faster dynamic switching, HTTP dynamic streaming, and server-side Access C++ plug-ins to enable more secure communication with Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder 3.1.
  • $995

Flash Media Interactive Server 4

  • Takes advantage of new IP multicast to maximize network efficiencies.
  • Enhanced multi-user experiences, such as chat, VoIP, video overlays, server-side playlists, and server-side recording.
  • $4,500

Flash Media Enterprise Server 4

  • Utilizes the new RTMFP (Real Time Media Flow Protocol) to allow for peer-to-peer assisted networking.  Drastically increase network efficiencies by leveraging peer-to-peer communication without being routed through a server.
  • Take advantage of both IP multicast and Application multicast.
  • Call for pricing (303-862-8611)

With the release of FMS 4, the possibilities for creating interactive, seamless video delivery experiences have never been more promising. By taking advantage of the many features available from the Flash Media Server family, as well as from the production tools provided in the OSMF, Creative Suite, etc., media content providers are now in a great position to make exciting advances in the area of media content delivery.

  • For more information about the Flash Media Server family, or to inquire about purchasing options, please call 303-862-8611.
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