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17 Nov 2014

Nesting SVG Charts From a Single Data Source with the Magic of D3JS Selections

Recently I was challenged with creating a series of nested pie-charts from a single set of data as a Proof of Concept for a client. A colleague suggested using the D3 javascript library and it has proven itself extremely useful for its ability to transform data into visual SVG elements with a minimum of coding. The real magic is in D3’s ‘selectAll’ method – as we will see!

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28 Oct 2014
01 Oct 2014
23 Sep 2014

HTML Video – Changes to Alternate Audio Track Access in iOS 8

Since iOS 8 went live on the 17th and I updated a few of my devices over the weekend, I decided to do some quick testing of web video playback. I wanted to see if there were any little, undocumented changes that would affect our custom, cross-platform video player, or our general approach to working with HTML video – like the changes to exiting fullscreen video that came in the update from iOS 6 -> iOS 7.

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17 Sep 2014

Alternate Audio Streams in HTML Video – Part 1

As streaming video continues to mature and become a more widely used medium for delivering major events, it is becoming more important to not only deliver a clear, reliable video, but to begin augmenting it with some of the extra possibilities it affords. One of those extras is the possibility of including alternate audio tracks that can be selected during playback. These can be used to offer video in multiple languages, provide a commentary track, and in many other creative ways.

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10 Sep 2014

Sublime Text – Search Strings and Filtering

Sublime Text offers many, many options for navigating within your project’s code or searching within either a single file, or the entire codebase of the project. The “Find” Menu offers over a dozen different options for Find and Replace, and depending on which you choose, there are 3 separate “Find” Dialog Panels available.

In this post, I’m going to show a few quick, introductory tips for using the “Find in Files…” Panel. Searching from this Panel will allow you to search across all files in your project, or (as we’ll cover in the second section) select a sub-set of files for a quicker search with more relevant results.

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