28 Feb 2019

Open Positions at RealEyes

We’re Hiring!!!

We are looking for talented and passionate individuals to join our team.  As a leading innovator and expert in advanced applications and in all aspects of streaming media, RealEyes offers many opportunities for team members to continue to grow their skills and make an impact for our diverse clients. We foster a collaborative work environment and encourage ownership and responsibility.
If you are interested in joining our team, we want to talk to you. We are currently accepting applications for the following positions:
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04 Apr 2013
08 Oct 2012

It's Official, Adobe Media Server 5 Has Arrived!

Adobe Media Server 5 (formerly known as Adobe Flash Media Server) is now officially released and shipping. Along with a name change that clearly demonstrates its ubiquity across all platforms, AMS 5 has a great list of improved and new features that are available right out of the box.

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24 Apr 2012
27 Jul 2011

HTTP Dinamic Streaming – Deo 1: Uvod u striming medije (Yugoslavia)

Kao tehnologija koje se odnosi na proizvodnju i isporuku digitalnih pokreta medija nastavlja da napreduje, tako da su zahtevi potrošača za sve raznovrsniji i bogatiji mediji iskustveniji.. Video visoke definicije se sada isporučuje na više korisnika, na razlicitim vrstama uređaja, i kroz više kompleksnih mreža nego ikada pre. Za provajdere sadržaja, to naravno znači više raspoloživih mogućnosti za medijsku distribuciju i monetizaciju.

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19 Jul 2011

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