03 May

RealEyes Tech Roundup

From time to time, RealEyes Media will be sharing a tech roundup of cool products, technologies, and tools we recently learned about and dig. Feel free to reach out to us with questions or share some experiences of your own!

Jun Heider, Director of Technology

While walking the halls of NAB Summit, I ran into a startup – Valossa – that built its own AI and ML stack to index and analyze video. They have a 300 minute free trial and a top-notch front-end to review the AI analysis that rivals Microsoft’s Video Indexer. You should check them out at http://valossa.com/.

Frances Janz, Quality Assurance Engineer

The QA process involves many activities that, preferably, should be tracked and recorded. Up until now, we’ve been tracking everything via spreadsheets in Google Drive. Requirements change and new features are being added all the time. Unfortunately, spreadsheets are cumbersome, hard to update, and easy to lose track of. Enter the test management system — in our case, PractiTest! PractiTest allows us to import our old test cases straight from Google Drive, break items out into separate steps that can be passed/failed individually (so we know exactly what part of a test failed), run reports that can be shared with our clients on all of our testing efforts, track everything we’ve done recently in handy charts, and create Jira bugs straight from our test screen. The last feature automatically includes the test steps and results in the bug report, so the devs know exactly how to reproduce it. No more cross-team confusion!

Marcy Nugent, DevOps Engineer

Instead of using a WordPress or Joomla system that does a thousand things halfway, Ponzu does the pure Content Management with exactly the functions needed for editors and contributors. The code comes with generators for quick developer iterations to easily format how the articles/content/posts/etc. are added, and Ops doesn’t have to manage a heavy server system with tons of individual components to update and manage. With two shell commands, a blog entry system can look like the below:


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