22 Jun

Adobe Media Server 5 is Shipping!

Adobe Media Server 5Adobe Media Server 5 begins shipping June 21st!

As some of you may or may not know, Adobe Media Server 5 was officially announced last month. This blog post from Kevin Towes (FMS/AMS Product Manager at Adobe) also gives a little more insight:


To better clarify, the Adobe Media Server product line (formerly known as Flash Media Server) began shipping  June 21st 2012, in a staggered release format. The Linux version for new licenses is available immediately. The Windows version and upgrades will ship later this year. There are very few resellers able to offer the new Adobe Media Server 5 at this time, and it just so happens that RealEyes is one of them, so contact us for further details and questions.

It is also important to note that all Flash Media Server products will be getting a name change with this release as well. To avoid any confusion, the name changes are as follows:

–          Adobe Flash Media Development Server Adobe Media Server 5 Starter

–          Adobe Flash Media Streaming Server  Adobe Media Server 5 Standard

–          Adobe Flash Media Interactive Server Adobe Media Server 5 Professional

–          Adobe Flash Media Enterprise Server  Adobe Media Server 5 Extended

Some of the features of this version release include:

  • Dynamic copy protection for Flash, Android and now Apple (DRM)

Reach a wider audience with a premium video experience consistently across devices, TVs and desktops with a single infrastructure to protect with a single protection solution.

  • Simple publishing workflows for protected HTTP streaming

Use the same source media and live streams to deliver and protect full adaptive bitrate experiences to Adobe Flash, Android and Apple devices to help reduce storage and infrastructure costs.

  • Standalone offline packaging utilities for HDS and HLS

New HLS packaging utility with integrated encryption to prepare your media content and lock it down with a wide variety of protection options including DRM with Adobe Access 4

  • On-Demand stream packaging

Publish faster, reduce storage costs and save time by publishing video once with full adaptive bitrate support.

Contact us if you would like to learn more about the Adobe Media Server.

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