15 Jun

Adobe Releases AIR 2.7-Performance Improvements and Feature Enhancements Abound

Yesterday Adobe released AIR 2.7, which offers some important bug fixes, security patches, and very interesting feature enhancements and performance upgrades for both mobile and desktop applications. Developers can download the SDK here. Some of the improvements announced with this release include:

  • AIR to SD installation (Android only) Now end users can install the AIR runtime onto the SD card of their Android device, allowing them to save storage space on the main drive of their device.
  • 4X speed improvements for iOS Runtime optimizations allow developers to create applications for iOS that run up to 4 times faster when running in CPU mode. Click here for  a video of Renaun Erickson demonstrating this new improved performance on the iPad. Here’s an example of an Android application created by Robert M. Hall that will also be deployed to iOS thanks to AIR 2.7.
  • Media Analytics Using Adobe Site Catalyst with AIR 2.7 or Flash Player 10.3, developers can now easily(read: very little code) implement video analytics in both web and desktop applications, regardless of the implementation method or delivery protocol. New open API’s give analytics providers the tools to easily gather real-time, aggregated reporting of how video is distributed, what the audience reach is, and how much video is played.
  • Acoustic Echo Cancellation (Desktop only) Real-time, outside the browser, online collaboration experiences, such as group conferencing, in-game chat, and telephony now benefit from AIR 2.7’s new audio quality feature enhancements such as, Acoustic Echo Cancellation(AEC), noise suppression, voice activity detection, and automatic compensation for various microphone input levels. End users can now experience higher quality audio without the need for noise-reduction headphones.
  • Improvements to HTMLLoader API Developers now have more control over how clickable links behave within HTML content in standalone desktop applications. Magazine readers and eBook readers can now benefit from weblink-style navigation.
  • Faster development and debugging for iOS Applications By using the AIR Developer Tool (ADT), a command line development tool which is part of the AIR SDK, developers can dramatically speed up the testing and debugging process when creating applications for iOS. By enabling the Interpreter Mode for iOS in ADT, developers can enjoy a streamlined testing and debugging workflow.
  • Bug fixes and security enhancements Important fixes delivered with AIR 2.7 are outlined in Security Bulletin APSB11-13.

The full set of release notes for AIR 2.7 can be found here.

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